April 3, 2019

Roaring Fork High School’s (RFHS) Solana Teitler and Lux Andrade and Basalt High School’s (BHS) Steven Javier Garcia-Machuca have been selected to receive prestigious state and national full-ride scholarships.

Teitler is a recipient of the Boettcher Scholarship, which pays a full ride to any school in Colorado. Approximately 1,500 graduating high school seniors apply for the scholarship annually, and only 42 scholarships are awarded each year.

Andrade and Garcia-Machuca are two of 218 students from Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming who were selected as 2019 Daniels Scholars. The Daniels Fund Scholarship pays a full ride to any school in the country. This year, approximately 1,850 applications were submitted.

"We are so incredibly proud of both Lux and Solana,” said RFHS Principal Brett Stringer. “They are two shining examples of how caring and hard-working our students are at Roaring Fork High School. Both of them are in constant pursuit of knowledge and opportunities to better the world around them."

Garcia-Machuca also received the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation College Scholarship, which is a highly competitive national undergraduate scholarship program that will allow Garcia-Machuca to attend his university for free.

“Steven is one of the most motivated people I have ever met. He possesses a unique combination of academic excellence, social acumen, and leadership abilities that make him one of the most well-rounded students I’ve encountered.” said Liz Penzel, the BHS college and career counselor.

Superintendent Rob Stein applauds these students and all of the staff who support student success.

"Congrats to these seniors for this great accomplishment and to all the others who are achieving great success in other ways. Having our students be selected for these prestigious scholarships reflects the hard work and support of the many staff members who help our students thrive," Stein said.

RFHS teacher Carmen McCracken was one of the Colorado teachers recognized for their impact and dedication to students.

“We know that teachers are a critical component in the success of Colorado’s students,” said Tiffany Anderson, programs director for Boettcher Foundation. “For every student that leads a club or organization, there is a teacher who works late to supervise that organization. For every student who takes an independent study, there is a teacher who is spending extra hours guiding and supporting that student.”


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