February 14, 2019

In the fall of 2018, students in grades K-12 in the Roaring Fork Schools completed short student surveys about their teachers and their schools. Overall, results from the recent administration of the student survey were stable from the 2017 administration, with a difference of only plus or minus three percent at the district level. Compared with national benchmarks, the Roaring Fork Schools continue to rank high among other schools that administer the Panorama Student Survey.

Specifically, students in grades K-12 provided feedback about their teachers on a variety of topics, including classroom engagement, expectations and rigor, classroom climate, pedagogical effectiveness, and teacher and student relationships. Additionally, students in grades 3-12 answered questions regarding their school and their experience with Crew.

“As a school district, surveys help us monitor how we are doing in meeting our unique commitments to our students and community--like engagement, belonging, and safety--which in some ways differ from official measures like test scores and attendance rates, which only tell part of the story,” said Roaring Fork Schools Superintendent Rob Stein.

Compared with national benchmarks, the district ranked in the 75th percentile or higher in categories of Valuing of School, School Belonging), and Grit on the school survey. In the teacher survey, Roaring Fork Schools’ teachers ranked in the 75th percentile or higher in the categories of Classroom Rigorous Expectations, Pedagogical Effectiveness, Classroom Teacher-Student Relationships, Classroom Climate, and Classroom Engagement.

“Student surveys are valuable for a number of reasons. Most importantly, students are our primary clients, and feedback about their own experiences is key to making sure we are meeting their needs, and in finding ways we can do better,” said Stein. “Teachers take their individual survey results very seriously, and always look for ways to incorporate student suggestions into their practice.”

The teacher survey results are not used as a formal part of teacher evaluation, but rather to identify bright spots and areas for growth. You can see a summary of each school’s survey results here. Results for the CREW and teacher survey are used internally only. Find more information about the surveys used and a full copy of the questions here.

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